Steps to Make an Oil Change Easy

Oil Changing Tips From the Experts

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  • If the engine is cold, start it and let it run for five minutes to warm the oil. If it’s hot, wait at least 30 minutes to avoid getting burned.
  • Never use an adjustable wrench or socket on the drain plug. Use the properly sized box-end wrench, usually metric, for the plug.
  • Always use jack stands. Never work under a car that’s supported by a jack only.
  • Use new oil to coat the oil filter gasket before spinning it on.
  • Always hand-tighten the filter. Never use a filter wrench.
  • Find an oil/oil filter recycling center near you by doing an internet search.
  • Line up all the oil bottles you’ll need for the fill so you don’t lose count along the way.

Save yourself some cash and stop making charitable donations to your community oil change outfit, even though that little sticker they gave you gives you the warm fuzzies.

It’s tricky to save money by changing your own oil because oil changes are loss leaders for a lot of places, so don’t fall for the up-sell. It follows that your regional quick lube joint costs oil changes at a really low, sometimes negative-gain margin to get you in the door. They then hit you with all the higher-margin air filter and transmission function, and that’s where they actually earn their money.

So don’t be naïve. Keep tabs on the last time you had the things done and exactly what represents an excellent, okay, or bad condition for all these many parts and systems. Watch notably air filters and lighting because they’re extremely easy to install can cost you a great deal less if you purchase them from a parts shop. When there’s something legitimate that should be performed and you can’t do yourself, wait a few days. Get estimates from some other places and you’re certain to save a good chunk of cash.

Third, look for deals. You don’t have to be a loyal client for something as routine as an oil change. Adhere to the best price; you might occasionally get them for cheap.

Most individuals are used to taking their car to a repair shop for service. As they say, old habits die hard. But today, you can get almost anything done from the comfort of your home — car repair included. Not only will options of using a mobile mechanic be incredibly handy, but most also offer many different benefits over traditional, brick, and mortar auto repair shops.

A mobile mechanic will visit your location in an equipped truck or van, bringing together all the tools, gear, and parts to fix your car or truck directly on site. If you have never used a mobile mechanic before, you should check into exactly what you have been missing. A mobile mechanic will save you from needing to get a tow if that’s what your car needs. They’ll also save you from needing to arrange a ride back from the shop after dropping your vehicle off and also a ride back there to pick your car up. Add to that, the time you’ll be wasting sitting around in the shop’s waiting room as your car is being serviced. And since mobile mechanics don’t have a physical shop, they are freed from many of the fixed costs of rent and utilities that allow them to give you pricing that reflects those savings.